Countdown: The 3 Best Posts of 2018

It is New Year’s Eve, and you may be exhausted of all those year-end summaries that fill social media (who even has nine instagram photos from one year? …this blog…oh right…). There is a reason why we do that though; it’s fun to remember everything that happened in the year. I’ll keep this one short; here is the countdown of the 3 best posts from 2018!

Countdown: The 3 Best Posts of 2018 (1)

3. How to Practice Like a Prodigy (A guide for those incredible geniuses who only ever excelled at their craft)

So if you’re a child prodigy, unlike me, practicing is something so easy that you’ve never really needed a blog post to teach you how to practice. You’re probably already taking these steps, but if you need a reminder, this post is for you!

For the rest of us, I enjoy being silly every once in a while. I can’t believe this one made top three because I honestly didn’t put that much effort into it, but the results did teach me that I don’t have to be so uptight all the time.

2. 3 Questions to Ask When You Feel Pointless as a Musician

We’ve all had those times in the practice room or even during a performance (*gasp*) when we don’t feel like there’s a purpose to all our hard work. We could, in theory, be doing something else with our lives, but here we are, toiling away in the practice room. These three questions help me work through those moments, and I hope they help you too.

1. Waging War: 5 Battle Strategies to Defeat Impostor Syndrome

This one is near to my heart because I, too, feel like an impostor most of the time. I really enjoyed doing the research for it; it made me feel a lot less alone, especially since all these famous people feel the same way. I recommend this to everyone who is a person, and I really hope it helps someone out there!

Finally, I just want to say thank you to all my followers out there. To all the people who joined me from the start and everyone who joined the herd in 2018, thank you for giving me a place in the blogosphere. And here’s to 2019: let’s make it the best. Until next year, signing off.

About the Author

Amy King is a music theory and piano instructor currently residing in the Chicago area.

She holds a Master of Music in Music Theory and Cognition from Northwestern University (June 2020) and a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance and English Literature from High Point University (May 2016), where she received the Outstanding Senior Music Major Award, which is awarded to one single graduating music student per year.

Amy has been teaching private piano lessons for 12+ years, taught classroom music theory for 5 years, directed choirs spanning ages 4–25, led and arranged for a university a capella group, and composed and arranged music for various soloists and ensembles.

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