Pianist, Composer/Arranger, Dreamer. BA Piano Performance and English Literature, MM student of Music Theory.

This space has evolved a lot since its launch in 2016, but it still strives to be a place of great conversation revolving around music (theory, performance, composing, and listening) and its connections to the literary field and other fields, as music is inherently interdisciplinary.

Girl in Blue Music is the business name I’ve chosen, since my name is very popular—I’ve gotten confused with poets, other musicians, and a Texan rodeo star—but this platform is not meant to sell you stuff, only to be part of the music conversation and help wherever I can.

Life is expensive, however, so if you’d like to help off-set the cost of this blog (and my student debt!), you can use my affiliate links:

Or check out the non-affiliate ways I try to make a living:

  • I offer online piano and music theory lessons via TakeLessons, so if you’re interested in learning more relaxed (and therapeutic) piano technique or how to analyze a piece of music like many of the posts on this site, definitely reach out (of course feel free to email me at amy@girlinbluemusic.com with any questions!)
  • Sheet Music Plus: you can buy sheet music of my compositions and arrangements!
  • Online shop of fashion and decor for music lovers. Mugs, stickers, apparel (mostly women’s – sorry guys!), fun ways to show the world you love actual music, none of this “the designer was clearly not a musician because this pillowcase has the note stems on the wrong side…and the notes don’t fit into the time signature, and don’t get me started on the wrong key signature.”
  • Listen to my music on your favorite streaming sites. Or don’t even listen to it, just mute your speaker and put my pieces on repeat overnight…guilty of doing this for my friends. Although, artists don’t get but partial pennies for each stream, so if you really want to support me, consider the above options, especially lessons if you’re interested!
  • It doesn’t get me money, but you can support me by following and sharing Girl in Blue Music across social media @girlinbluemusic.

As always, ask me about music, literature, and all other related topics via the contact page or directly by email. I look forward to hearing from you!