The primary goal of this website is to help musicians be more active and present in creating their own interpretations of a piece of music. My personal experience as a performer is focused around piano, so much of the material here is targeted towards pianists specifically, but any musician or music lover can find valuable information here.

Learn how analysis, interpretation, and technique intersect to create a richer musical experience for both performers, hobbyists, listeners, and overall lovers of music.

It can be overwhelming to figure out what the first steps should be to explore the worlds of music, piano, or music theory. To guide your journey, there are resources here, on this website, and ones I recommend from elsewhere to help you get started exploring. And as always, I’m happy to chat or answer any questions: amy@girlinbluemusic.com

There are myriad ways of hearing, experiencing, looking at, and analyzing a piece of music. All of these perspectives are valuable, and music theory as a field puts language to these, so we can share and connect with each other in meaningful ways.

Music is a magic that can change the world.
It starts by changing us.

Girl in Blue Music

A more formal bio:

Amy King’s current research focuses on the relationship between text and music in art song, particularly the connections between the sound patterns of speech and music with semantic meaning and structure. She recently presented her paper, “Sounds of Poetry in Britten’s ‘Death, be not proud’” at Indiana University’s Graduate Music Research Symposium.

Her other interests include the relationship between the communication of emotion and expectation in music. Previous published work includes an exploration of counterpoint formed from the sounds of the text in Milton’s “Il Penseroso,” which was published in Innovation: Journal of Creative and Scholarly Works in 2016.

King holds a BA in Piano Performance and English Literature from High Point University and an MM in Music Theory from Northwestern University.



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