About Girl in Blue Music

I believe in the power of human connection.

It is a basic need that, when fulfilled, makes us stronger and gives us purpose.

Music connects us deeply

The acts of creating, listening to, and studying music fulfill a greater purpose than us as individuals. Music connects us: helps us create community and makes the world a little less lonely.

With this in mind, Girl in Blue Music strives to contribute to the ability for others to experience music deeply, through the study of its patterns and what and how these patterns may be able communicate.

Grow as a musician at Girl in Blue Music

Girl in Blue Music’s approach covers three basic parts of musicianship: technique, interpretation and analysis, and human experience.

Piano Technique

Learn how our bodies interact with the piano through weight, rotation, and velocity.

Make playing feel physically good and easy, avoid injury, and overcome any physical barriers to expressing exactly what you wish and feel through the piano.

Improve your piano technique through the recommended resources and courses.

Interpretation and Analysis

Learn what makes music tick.

What elements go into a piece of music. How do each of these make us feel specific emotions? How do these elements interact with each other? What sort of patterns are there in all of music?

Learn interpretation and analysis skills through the recommended resources and courses.

Human Musical Experience

Learn about the human aspects of the music-making process.

What are the mental processes involved with memorization? What is the best format for a practice session? How do I connect with others through music?

Learn about the human experience of making music through the recommended resources and courses.

About the Founder

Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up singing in church, playing in band, dancing, performing in musical theater, and so on. But it wasn’t until high school—those formative years when we truly begin our search for purpose and our place in the universe—that I really began to pursue the musical parts of my life in earnest.

Music gave me a place to belong.

I joined choir and found community with the people I sang with. I began playing the piano and felt greater connection than I’ve ever experienced.

Paradoxically, spending time alone in the practice room made me feel more connected with all of humanity: composers from hundreds of years ago, performers who’ve played the same music, the people who listen to it, everyone.

For the first time in my life, I felt what we all crave: belonging.

But how?

How does music make us feel anything, especially considering genres so far removed from our own cultures? What does it actually communicate to each of us?

Music does not blatantly say, “You are not alone,” but that seems to be the unifying message that calls musicians to pursue music. The more I learn what and how music communicates with each of us, the more I can help other musicians feel that same belonging and connectedness.

That’s the driving force behind my research as a music theorist: what and how does music communicate with us?

I focus mainly on how music interacts with the “music of speech” in poetry when poems are set to music and on how patterns in music create structures and forms that communicate a sense of meaning.

But, for Girl in Blue Music, I focus on helping musicians, specifically those interested in piano and music theory, get the need for connection met through music studies while encouraging another human trait: curiosity. I have resource lists and guides available as well as a growing list of courses.

Explore the site, ask questions (as comments or via email), and spread the magic to those in your life.

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