The acts of listening and creating music answer the basic human need for connection with other people. Digging into music’s history, structures, and practices deepens that level of connection, and this intimacy is something everyone deserves. It provides a sense of hope, joy, and purpose.

Girl in Blue Music is a website full of resources to guide you through thinking about music deeply and creating music of your very own.

Hi! I’m Amy King!

I’ve been a musician my entire life but didn’t discover my love for piano until 11th grade. After practicing for five hours a day (which didn’t feel like work, just exciting discovery), I managed to get into a music program.

In 2016, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance and English Literature, and in 2020 I earned my Master of Music in Music Theory. I research the connections between language and music, musical–emotional communication, and meaning in music, and I share some of my findings here.

One of my favorite things is meeting people who have just discovered that music is incredibly deep and unifying. Their excitement is contagious, and I’m always grateful for the ability to guide their first steps in their musical journeys.