How to Build Chords


In How to Build Chords, learn how to build basic triads, use inversions, extended chords, harmonize melodies, and read chord charts and lead sheets.

How to Build Chords

Make Your Own Music

You are here because you want to write your own music or accompany yourself while you sing or even add harmony to a melody you’re written or heard.

Successfully doing any of these activities makes you feel free, like you can actual create magic. It also leads to deep, human connection in a safe space. When you make music, you make connections with other musicians, with whoever happens to be listening, and with yourself, who is often the hardest person to connect with!

Outside of the realm of classical music, most music-making involves playing from chords, not sheet music, but not many teachers actually give you a strong foundation in understanding how to build chords, how to read chord charts or lead sheets, or how to add harmony to a melody you’ve either written or have been asked to accompany.

This mini-course fills that gap in your knowledge, so you can just focus on creating music.

What You Can Expect From the Course

In How to Build Chords, you’ll first learn the fundamental elements that make up chords and how to use them to build simple triads. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll learn how chords can be re-arranged to flow more smoothly from one chord to the next.

All along the way, you’ll also get to learn lead sheet and pop chord notation. That means, you’ll be able to look up chords for any piece of music and be able to play it from the search results, immediately.

At the end of the first part of the course, you’ll learn how to effectively add chords to a melody, so that it always sounds good.

From there, you’ll move onto fancier chord building with an introduction to extended chords by looking at seventh chords and inversions.

Every single lesson comes with an unlimited number of practice exercises: you’ll get immediate feedback on how much you’re understanding the concepts and where you might need help. And when you need to ask for help, we’ve got a community for that (plus, I’m always happy to answer questions!)


  • Unlimited practice exercises
  • Community discussion group
  • Gamification – Earn points and Level up to earn prizes and store credit
  • Short but in-depth. Perfect length to learn an impressive new skill over the holidays
  • Intuitive curriculum

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