• practice joy: a music practice journal cover. Aquamarine background with a sun on the bottom

Practice Joy Journal


This free 20-page pdf is to help you incorporate small habits of joy into your practice session. By choosing to practice joy while you practice your instrument, you create a positive experience for yourself that will make practicing something you want to come back to.

Practicing joy isn’t about forcing yourself to be happy all the time. Instead, it helps you remain open to experiencing pleasant feelings whenever they occur. In other words, it helps you see the bright side of things.

This functions as both a regular practice journal with places to write down technique, sight-reading, and repertoire for each day but also to remind you to take a few deep breaths to settle your body and calm your mind before you fully dive into the session.

Also included is a section on setting goals, so that you consistently achieve them, which is another aspect to practicing joy.

Included in the pdf are both the color and black-and-white pages for whichever works best for you!


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