Play By Ear: How to Learn Songs by Ear


Playing by ear is something you can pick up over time, but if you’re here, reading this, you want to just be able to do it.

In this challenge, you’ll learn to play a song by ear in just 10 days. Nothing fancy, just chords and harmony, but isn’t that way better than…just not?

The challenge runs October 11–22!

Sign up before October 1 to get $50 off.

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Your mission is simple.

Pick one song to play by ear, one guided step at a time.

The only requirement? Believe you can.

Because I know you can.

Just Follow Along

1. Pick a Song

Focusing on one song for the 10 days will ensure your success. Get feedback and advice from me on good, starter songs.

2. Break it Down

The easiest way to succeed at challenges is to break them into their component parts. Learn how to divide songs into 5 pieces and conquer them, one at a time.

3. Play the Song

Put it back together and dazzle your friends and family by pulling songs right out of thin air. And learn how to put your own spin on it too!

Here's the Thing

There’s actually quite a lot that goes into a single song. You shouldn’t have to go to a bunch of different places to learn chords, intervals, solfege, and other skills.

The 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge covers all the skills you need to play by ear.

Isn't That...Music Theory?

Most people’s reactions to music theory make me laugh because it’s not something to be feared!

But I understand.

Teachers have a tendency to teach theory as a bunch of rules to memorize. Music theory is actually a set of tools we get to use to make, think on, and talk about music.

In the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge, we’re using theories of melody and harmony, primarily, to make it way easier to pick out a song y ear.

With these tools, gone are the days of playing random notes in the hopes of getting it right.

Let's Not Overthink This

The best thing I could do for my business is to make all of this sound complicated and that the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge is the only way you can learn this.

And while the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge is one of a kind, I don’t want you to think that playing by ear is super complicated.

It’s certainly not easy, but it’s not so complicated that only a chosen few can do it.

I genuinely believe that anyone can learn to play a song by ear through the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge, and that’s why I created it.

Where people get caught is in breaking things down and then putting them back together again.

Now is the Time

You know the old proverb, “Tomorrow never comes”?

When you put things off until tomorrow, they tend not to happen. The same applies here.

The proverb also means that tomorrow never comes because once we reach “tomorrow,” it becomes “today.” So don’t put off learning how to play by ear until tomorrow.

Learn it in 10 todays, starting with this today.

Grab the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge

You Get All of This:

  • 10 days of video lesson content
  • Examples from real music, spanning many genres (pop, rock, classical, jazz)
  • Practice activities for every concept
  • One-on-one feedback and advice
  • A community of others also participating in the challenge

View Course Content:

Course Content

⮟ Welcome!
⮟ Day 1: Introduction to Tonality
⮟ Day 2: More on Tonality and Thirds
⮟ Day 3: Fourths and Fifths
⮟ Day 4: Sixths, Sevenths, Octaves, and Inversions
⮟ Day 5: Let's Build Some Chords!
⮟ Day 6: Chords and Tonality
⮟ Day 7: Harmonic Rhythm and Listening for More Complex Rhythms
⮟ Day 8: Surface and Harmonic Rhythm
⮟ Day 9: Your Song's Melody and Bass
⮟ Day 10: Your Song's Chords and Rhythm
⮟ Congratulations!

What this means is you have all the resources and support you need to nail this skill.

12-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If I say you can do this in 10 days or less by following the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge, then you should have at least 10 days to go through the course.

But we all deserve the weekends off, so you get 2 days extra.

If you feel that the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge and its community don’t teach you what you need to know, then just let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends more on you than on the program itself. It’s more of a mindset answer.

If you’re the kind of person who can trust that this program can help you reach your goals, and you do all of the activities for the 10 days, then yes, you will be successful.

But if you don’t put in the work (and it’s really not that much), then you won’t get anything out of this program.

That’s why you have direct access to me and a community of people who are working through the same problems as you!

All of us are ready to answer any questions that come up for you.

Obviously, this is meant to be done in 10 days, but you’re probably wondering how much time per day it will take!

Part of that depends on how quickly you pick it up, but I do try to make sure that the videos for each day are no longer than 30 minutes all together, and the activities don’t take more than 30 minutes for the most part.

Most of those activities only have a few steps, so you should be able to knock them out quickly.

Plus, each day is broken up into parts, so if you end up having an insane day at work or school, you can catch up easily.

You’ll automatically create an account when you sign up, so you can access the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge in your personal dashboard.

Yep, just like I mentioned above, there is a 12-day money-back guarantee for this challenge.

If you feel that the 10-Day Play by Ear Challenge and its community don’t teach you what you need to know, then just let me know.

Hi, I'm Amy!

I’m your guide for this course.

And I want you to know that I’m a real person, a real teacher, not some big marketing company.

I have two degrees in music (Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and Master’s in Music Theory and Cognition), and I love sharing what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to learn more about anything I know about!

I especially love being able to deepen people’s connections with each other through music. Because that’s what music does, right? It connects us together.

And that human connection is the most important part for me.

Teaching aural skills (playing by ear) is a lot of fun, so I’m excited to see what you all do with your newly found magical skills.


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