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1. The 5-step process to figuring out a song by ear

It can be overwhelming to just start, so it helps to follow a proven system that’s taught in university music programs around the globe

2. How to develop the individual skills you need to play by ear

You can separate the process into different skills and practice them on their own using free resources. This video tells you how!

3. What this process looks like with a real example

In this video, I use the process to figure out a real pop song by ear because it’s usually easier to learn by doing it with someone to guide you.

4. What steps you can take today to start playing by ear, immediately.

You won’t be left twiddling your thumbs wondering how to do this without a guide. You can just dive right in afterwards!

You also get a worksheet to write down what you learn, so you can stay engaged and have a resource to come back to!

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Hi, I'm Amy!

I’ve been a music teacher for over ten years, have a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and a Master’s in Music Theory and Cognition, and I love to share my knowledge with people who are as insatiably curious about music as I am.

I believe that music fulfills the basic need for deep, human connection, so I’m bringing music education straight to you through free videos like this!

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