Teaching Philosophy

I believe that music has the power to change the world (or at least make it a little bit brighter), and to do this, it first changes us.

My teaching philosophy reflects this by taking a holistic approach to lessons. Not only will you develop healthy technique and great listening skills, you’ll also learn how to practice joy and empathy every day — skills that are applicable to every area of life.

Although I use Faber’s Piano Adventures as the main guide for my students, I also create unique activities for each individual to make composition, theory, and listening an act of discovery rather than merely instruction.

Because learning how to create and understand music is like discovering a new world.

Deliberate Practice | Girl in Blue Music

The goal of lessons is more than merely playing the piano well (which you will!), it’s to find meaning and strength in the act of creating music.

Every day will feel like an adventure because it is!

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