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What Are Online Piano Lessons?

Many of us have learned through the ordeals of 2020/21 that we can still learn new skills online.

In online piano lessons with me, you’ll gain the skills to make informed decisions about technique, choosing repertoire that’s the right level for you, and artistic expression. In short: you’ll learn how to successfully be an independent pianist.

You’ll learn how to practice in ways that are fun and efficient. You’ll learn how to choose repertoire that challenges you but that you can still accomplish. Most of all, you’ll learn about all of the nuanced decisions musicians make that contribute to you sharing your unique voice with the world.

After all, isn’t music about connecting with others? You can’t do that without sharing your voice!

Why Else Should I Take Online Piano Lessons?

Enhance Creativity

Creativity is related to intelligence and may be defined as the ability to recognize patterns, adjust to new situations, draw connections between abstract concepts, and to develop new ideas using these skills. Playing the piano gives you experience practicing these aspects of creativity.

I teach theoretical concepts through composition and improvisation: you learn by creating. The more you create, the more creative you become!

Cultivate Well-Being

Self-confidence and a sense of fulfillment are directly related to overcoming challenge. Playing the piano requires mental and physical focus, and doing so provides a fun and healthy amount of challenge that guides us toward success.

I teach a mindful approach to the daily challenges involved in playing piano, which provides us with opportunities to invite more positive experiences into our lives.

Connect Deeply

Connection with other people is a basic human need that we fulfill in time spent conversing with others. Music is theorized to be a deeper biological mechanism of communication that not only transmits the ideas in our heads and hearts but actually instills and induces them in others. Music teaches us empathy.

Listening to music can make us feel heard and understood, but the creation of our own music provides a more profound experience of human connection.

What do Online Piano Lessons Look Like?

Creating music is a fun and fulfilling way to spend your time. By approaching learning piano with a mindful mindset, where I prioritize enjoyment over hard work, my students are able to fully experience the sense of accomplishment and deep connection that comes from learning a piece of music. I don’t seek to create competition winners (although some of my students are!). I only teach you how to find joy, connect deeply, and prioritize your mental health through learning a new instrument.

This means you’ll learn your first full song within 15 minutes of your first lesson, and you’ll learn healthy technique organically.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be learning complete songs in the first few lessons. These are by ear to begin, but you’ll quickly learn to read sheet music as part of the process. Instead of drilling technique exercises, I believe in teaching technique through the songs you learn. And they’ll be songs that fit your interests: one of the perks of having a teacher who is skilled in music theory – I can arrange songs you like, so you always get to play styles that interest you.

Taking up piano at any age is about having a fun thing to do; it’s about enjoying the music and finding joy in life and in deep connections with other people. Society maintains this mindset that our value as a person comes from our usefulness. We never allow ourselves to just exist, and that can make us feel purposeless, stagnant, and cause us to make decisions that harm our mental and physical health. By allowing ourselves to just enjoy the music, we battle that dangerous mindset and find value and hope in just creating music.

Your Journey

Learning piano from a private teacher is similar to a hero’s journey back in ye olde fantasy days. In these stories, the scrappy hero finds a master and becomes their apprentice. As an apprentice, they learn the basic skills of the trade. Then their master brings them on basic jobs. Once the hero proves they can handle the basics, the master assigns them easy jobs to do on their own. After that, the hero works on harder and harder jobs until they are fully independent and become a master of the trade.

In your piano journey, you’ll start by learning the basics: healthy technique and building blocks of music. This phase usually lasts 1–3 months. After this, you get to explore more of the music that interests you. I’ll help you find arrangements and pieces that make you happy and fit your level. The more exploring you do, the more independent you’ll become. That is my goal: to give you the tools to make informed decisions about technique, repertoire, and artistic expression, so you can feel free and own your piano journey.

My Piano Journey

In my final year of undergrad, I got so caught up in hard work that I actually stopped progressing. I was learning much slower despite hyperfocusing on my repertoire. I developed tendonitis.

A couple of years post-graduation, I decided that maybe piano wasn’t my path, and I had to be okay with that. Piano should just be something I enjoy. And bam. Just a simple mindset shift to not focusing on enjoyment instead of these huge goals changed everything for me.

A picture of me, your teacher for online piano lessons, playing piano in my senior undergraduate recital

Piano has become play, not hard practice. And my technique is so much better; it’s relaxed and easy. That’s exactly what it should be. No more tendonitis. I’ve also developed interest in discovering and playing a lot of different types of music. All of these contributed to the sense that I’m progressing faster. Even if I’m not, it doesn’t matter as much to me because I’m focused on making music, and that’s what makes me happy. I’m very fortunate to get to do that.

If I’d had a teacher who helped me shift my mindset, my entire experience with piano would have been more positive years earlier. I wouldn’t have graduated from undergrad feeling like I needed to get as far away from piano as possible. Unfortunately, most piano teachers continue to center their lessons around results, and many students come away frustrated and often quit, like I did. But now I know how to incorporate a healthy, joyful mindset into lessons, and I’m here to help you focus on a positive piano experience.

What’s Included in Online Piano Lessons?

When you sign up for lessons with me, you secure a weekly lesson spot (online through Zoom) and get access to games, sheet music, challenges, and other resources centered around having the best possible experience playing the piano. You get a guide (that’s me!) who has already waded through the tides of online courses, apps, and books and can direct you to what is most helpful.

Payments are simple: $35 per 30-minute lesson billed at the beginning of every month. I’m flexible with makeup lessons or missed lessons, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

If all of this sounds good, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below to get started on your journey to transform your life!

Get Started

Tell me about the student (yourself or your child) here, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to set up a free Zoom meeting where we’ll confirm a weekly lesson time!

About Me

Hi, I’m Amy King.

In 2016, I earned my BA in Piano Performance (and English Literature). In 2020, I earned a Master of Music in Music Theory from Northwestern University. I think deep thoughts about music and research human connection and communication in music.

I’ve been a teacher almost my entire life and a pianist for a big part of it. My technique wasn’t great at first, which gave me tendonitis, but I’ve learned a lot, and now my technique (and overall attitude toward life) is more relaxed and sustainable. I’m ready to help you learn the same. :) You’re doing this for a sense of fulfillment, to make your life better, and to connect deeply with people. You’re doing this to enjoy the music.

Let’s enjoy it together.

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