Hi there!

I’m excited you’re interested in taking online piano lessons! Here’s everything you need to know about lessons with me.

The Overall Process

The first step after you express interest in lessons (via email at amy@girlinbluemusic.com or the contact form at the bottom) is to set up a free 30-minute lesson/interview via Zoom (the app I use for lessons). In this meeting, we will talk about your interests and goals in piano and music overall to see if we’re a good match!

We’ll also do a mini-lesson to introduce you to the piano and discuss any questions you may have about starting piano, such as how to buy a good instrument if you don’t already have one.

After this, if we decide we’re a good match, we’ll discuss the studio policies below and set up a weekly lesson time. If we’re not a good match, don’t despair! I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who is a good match for you and your goals.

My Experience/Education

I have a BA in Piano Performance (and English Literature!) from High Point University and an MM in Music Theory from Northwestern University.

I’m classically trained with an intense love for Chopin and Ravel, but I also played in a jazz ensemble for 4 years and have experience arranging pop music, so if you don’t love classical music, we can still have a great time together!

I started teaching private lessons in person in 2018. Lessons with me are not stuck in the method books; teachers can get as bored as students, so I love to mix things up with games, outside repertoire, and other activities. I especially love when students bring pieces or song ideas that they’d love to learn.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Rates and Billing

  • $30 / 30 minutes
  • $45 / 45 minutes
  • $60 / 60 minutes

Billed monthly at the beginning of every month.

Typically, younger students take 30-minute lessons, and we add time with interest and age. But if you’re an adult just starting out, 30-minute lessons can also be the right amount of time. We’ll definitely discuss this in the first lesson/interview, and you can always change your mind later!

Referral Program

One of the best ways for piano teachers to get students is through word of mouth, and to show my appreciation, if a friend of yours signs up for regular lessons, you will get a tuition credit the next month equal to their scheduled lesson amount (if they sign up for 45-minute lessons, you’ll get $45 off your next monthly bill, even if you only take 30-minute lessons)!

Lesson Times and Makeups

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10 AM–12 PM and 2–6 PM (CST).

If you must miss a lesson for any reason (illness, schedule conflict, vacation), fear not! We will make it up within a month on one of my monthly make-up days (shown in the studio calendar you’ll have access to). If none of these fit your schedule, you will get a tuition credit for the next monthly billing cycle (i.e., you get a free lesson the next month).

This ensures we don’t have make-up lessons piling up, and you get billed for your time with me, not just the time slot.


Typically, students must be 10 years or older, but I will make exceptions for younger folks who are independent and responsible, able to follow along with page and measure numbers, and don’t have trouble focusing for a full 30-minute lesson.

New adult pianists are welcome! Don’t be shy!


Because I’m teaching completely online, I’m sticking with Faber’s Piano Adventures; the two series of these we’ll use are the “Accelerated Piano Adventures” and the “Adult All-in-One” books. We’ll discuss which set you need at the first lesson/interview, but you will need to purchase them, as you’ll be writing in them.

If you’re coming from another studio that used a different method, we’ll discuss what options work best for you.

Set Up Your Free Interview/First Lesson

If all this sounds good, then let me know you’re interested in lessons by filling out the contact form below or sending me an email: amy@girlinbluemusic.com. I’m excited to hear from you!