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What if I told you there isn’t just one correct fingering for a passage of music?

Does that surprise you?

What if I told you that there are multiple good options for fingering a passage of music, and it’s up to each individual pianist to choose what fingering best suits their own hand anatomy and serves their personal interpretation of the music?

Isn’t that a lot to think about?

How do you even go about picking what fingering is best for you?

Good fingering achieves 3 goals.

It is comfortable, consistent, and musically expressive.

It ties together with solid technique, learning strategies, and the emotions you and your listeners experience when you play.

It’s important because it:

  • Prevents slips
  • Is more economical, meaning you can play more quickly
  • Helps with memory
  • Makes you learn faster
  • Plays a role in phrasing, articulation, dynamic, and other aspects of musical expression
  • Makes playing feel good
  • Prevents injury

Professional pianists consider all of these aspects when they choose fingerings for themselves.

That makes it sound complicated, but all of these aspects actually allows your music-making to be simpler, more enjoyable, and unique to you. When you have a solid set of fingering strategies to fall back on that led you to choose one fingering over another, no one can tell you that you picked the “wrong” fingering. And because of that you’ll have more confidence in your identity as a musician.

You’ll learn more efficiently, feel healthier, and know that you’re practicing the “right way.”

You’ll progress much quicker in your piano journey.

You’ll avoid injury and find freedom at the piano.

The easiest way to succeed is to use a solid framework.

Piano Patterns introduces that framework.

This framework codifies the instincts for fingering that professional pianists eventually pick up over time. It saves you time in the long run by teaching fingering alongside basic technique and artistry in an organic way.

Instead of relying just on instinct, you get to learn how professional pianists, with decades of experience, make informed decisions based upon the list above and more.

These 3 goals are easy to remember, and for each one, I provide strategies to support those goals.

Piano fingering goals and strategies for all scales

I also show how these categories help you memorize quickly and solidly, practice more efficiently (and less tediuosly!), and truly enjoy your time at the piano. 

Piano Patterns helps you learn faster, save time, avoid frustration, and be more musical.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to learn more in less time?

What You Get

Piano Patterns includes fingerings and explanations for:

  • Major and Minor Pentascales
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Whole Tone Scales
  • Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Major and Minor Blues Scales
  • Triad and Seventh Block Chords
  • Triad and Seventh Arpeggios

And 30+ strategies that support the 3 main goals of piano fingering: comfort (technique), consistency, and musicality (expression—it’s what we live for as musicians, right?)

138 pages of detailed, helpful content.

The Result? Less Frustration, More Freedom.

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Hi, I’m Amy!

I believe in the power of human connection.

It’s a basic need, that when fulfilled, makes us stronger and gives us purpose.

Music connects us.

It helps us create community and makes the world a little less lonely.

So I make music education more accessible for everyone, starting with you.

I have a BA in Piano Performance and English Literature and an MM in Music Theory and Cognition from Northwestern. That means I love performing and practicing as much as I love thinking *deep* musical thoughts and hearing about others’ experiences with music.

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