This category includes any kind of essay written on this site, including philosophy, psychology, musicology, music theory, and anything else related to being a musician. Some are more formal than others, but if I did any kind of research for the post, it probably ended up in this category!

5 Ways to Avoid Frustration While Practicing an Instrument

Music becomes magical in the moments when it touches our vulnerability, and this can be anywhere: performance, jamming with others, or even on our own in the practice room. But this magic is built upon hours of arduous work, many of which can be frustrating if you’re not used to practicing patience with yourself. Learning …

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Negativity is something we’re all warned against. We’re told to be optimists, to see opportunities where others don’t, but we’re not always taught how. Turns out, it has a lot to do with discipline (something I need to work on). Lately, I’ve been obsessing over many different kinds of Ted Talks. From neuroscience, to music …

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A Good Chord on a Bad Piano

Piano: the instrument that continues to sing to the soul of humanity since its birth in the fifteenth century. A symbol of Baroque perfection, the harpsichord evolved into the piano to find a place in every genre of music. Classical, jazz, metal, rock, folk, pop, musical theatre, mainstream, or high-brow, the piano, in some capacity, is a …

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