Find the Magic

Close your eyes.

Take a breath and feel the world around you. In a dimly lit auditorium full of strangers and family, you sit in the warmest and brightest place. Seats creak, and someone coughs, but otherwise all is still.

The air on the stage is warm. It smells of rosin, cork grease, and floor polish. Just like home.

You sit with that monochromatic example of the beauty that can be born of the ugliness of industry. With its iron and steel wrapped a repurposed tree, it connects opposites only humanity knows.

With your hands in your lap and your back strong, breathe.

Look within, past the clammy film on your fingertips, past how your muscles don’t feel warm enough. Though the sweat on your skin argues otherwise. Go deeper. Go past the shaking of your limbs and the fluttering in your stomach. Let your breath guide you to your center.

There it is.

Lose yourself in the pool of magic within. That essence of who you are, that quiet voice inside, dreamily ebbs and flows against the edges of your subconscious. Sinking in it, remember who you are and gently guide it out toward reality. Lead one stream through your mind and through your heart. Weave it between your fingers and out through their tips.

You are ready.

Open your eyes, and feel the energy humming through you. One more breath, and off you go.

Out from within, out from your breath, you send the magic flying. Upon the keys it dances and flies, the instrument of opposites amplifying its effects. To every soul present, it glides until it finds a home within another heart.

Magic works best when it goes from one heart to another.

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