Take Care

You feel the exhaustion dripping from your eyes to create the dark circles underneath them. A new ring appears each morning, but you must press on. You have a goal: get your practice time in.

There’s never enough time.

You always have more pieces to perfect, and your fingers won’t do what they’re told. They’re stiff, and no amount of warming up eases the tension from them.

You are stressed.

What an understatement! Even a child observing your drooping body at the piano can tell that you need a nap. But you know that if you nap, you’ll sleep away too much of your practice time. You hide away the knowledge that you’re actually making it harder to learn the music this way.

The words of your teachers echo in your mind: “There is no substitute for taking care of your body. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, take care of yourself.”

So sleep.

Take care of your body.

You can still get all your practice done and keep yourself healthy. It takes a little planning, and a lot of heart. You’ve got the passion, so put it to use.

Take care of your body, so you can continue to make music for a long time.

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